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Supplying Adelaide with Safe & Secure Cost Effective Scaffolding

Global Scaffold can supply any scaffolding you’re looking for, whether you’re located in a major metro area like Adelaide or a more remote mining town in South Australia like Coober Pedy or Olympic Dam. With our range of products, there’s no doubt that we can provide you with the support structure you’re looking for, along with all of the necessary accessories to make working at height safer and more effective.

Overall, we’re an Adelaide scaffolding sales specialist, focused on premium product delivery and customer support throughout Australia and the Pacific Rim.

Our dedicated team is well versed in all the necessary structural requirements necessary across a range of industries, ensuring top-notch customer service to all of our clients. As a privately-owned company, all our products meet Australian Standards and comply with Work-Safe Regulations.

Areas we service:

Perth WA, Hobart TAS, Sydney NSW, Adelaide SA, Brisbane QLD & Melbourne VIC

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Our Services

If your business requires you to be able to get up and around a building and work on secure and stable raised platforms outdoors, you’ve come to the right place. This is because we can provide not only the means to get the height and support you need, but also give the option of making a long-term investment.

Why rent scaffolding when you can invest in a top-quality product at a competitive price? With our knowledgeable team, we’ll also be sure to find exactly the right type of support structure for your particular needs.

We’ll also advise you on which options would be the most appropriate and cost-effective for you in the long run.

Our range of Adelaide scaffolding products includes all of the following towers, scaffolds, and other kinds of protective structures. Note that all of these come with warranties, meet Australian Standards, and comply with Work-Safe Regulations.


Why Partner with Global Scaffold?

Nationwide Reach

Whether you’re in the heart of Hobart or in remote towns like Rosebery or Stanley in Tasmania, our promise remains consistent – delivering quality right to your doorstep. Our expansive network across Australia and the Pacific Rim ensures that location is never a hindrance.

Tailored Solutions

We understand the unique demands of every location and project. With a diverse portfolio of products, we offer tailor-made solutions, catering to both urban and remote construction site needs.

Cost-Effective & Convenient

Our innovation doesn’t stop at products. We’ve revolutionised shipping with our foldable packs, ensuring that you receive your order intact, affordable, and ready for easy assembly.

More Than Just Scaffolds

While our aluminium scaffold solutions stand tall, our range of additional support structure accessories brings added versatility to your projects. Whatever your requirement, we have an accessory to match.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced team is ready to assist no matter how complex your project may be. From understanding your unique needs to recommending the best working platform, we ensure you make informed decisions every step of the way.

The Global Scaffold Difference

Our commitment transcends mere product supply. At Global Scaffold, we prioritise your safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. We don’t just fulfill orders; we forge long-lasting partnerships. When you choose us, you’re not merely purchasing a product – you’re investing in a relationship, backed by trust, expertise, and unwavering support.

Build with confidence. Experience the Global Scaffold difference today.


Navigating the vast landscape of construction can be a daunting task, especially when the right solutions seem out of reach. Enter Global Scaffold – your trusted partner, supplying Australia with safe, secure, and cost-effective mobile scaffold systems.

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Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding Tower

Scaffolding Towers For Sale Australia: Global Scaffold’s range of mobile scaffolds are designed for maintenance work and to suit your needs, no matter how small or large the job. Scaffolding…
aluminium folding min tower 1 Aluminium Quick Pro Scaffolding 3

Aluminium Quick Pro Scaffolding

Aluminium Quick Pro Scaffolding: A great, sturdy and easily transportable mobile scaffold system with a foldable frame. Aluminium Folding Mini Tower Quick Pro Full Pack $1090 exc GST Base Pack…
ks 1 Kwikstage Scaffolding 5

Kwikstage Scaffolding

Aluminium Kwikstage Scaffolding: An easy-to-use, lightweight scaffold set that is simple and fast to assemble, making it cost-effective, and saving in labour costs. Aluminium Kwikstage Our Kwikstage Scaffolding is an…
a frame galv scaff 1 A-Frame Steel Scaffold 7

A-Frame Steel Scaffold

A-Frame Steel Scaffold: Easy to deliver & install this low-cost modular system is very popular in domestic and small commercial building sectors. Easy to deliver & install This low-cost modular…
roof n barrier edge protection 1 Roof & Barrier Edge Protection 9

Roof & Barrier Edge Protection

At Global Scaffolding, we supply Roof and Barrier Edge Protection systems for a wide variety of edge and void protection tailored to Australian standards. Any fall over 2m must have…
tube n couplers 1 Tube and Couplers 11

Tube and Couplers

Complete your construction with steel tube and couplers. Global Scaffolds have a full range of scaffold forged galvanised couplers available. Complete your construction with steel tube and couplers. Global Scaffolds…
various steel trestles

Steel Trestles and Aluminium Planks

Our Aluminium Planks are available in 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m lengths. Tested to AS 1577 with anti-slip rubber inserts. Aluminium Planks are available in 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m…
STEPRITE Minespec 1 Platform Ladders 14

Platform Ladders

Our Platform Ladders are constructed from strong lightweight structural grade aluminium. Platform heights range from 500mm up to 3000mm in 250mm increments. About our Platform Ladders Constructed from strong lightweight…
acrow props 1 Acrow Props and Accessories 16

Acrow Props and Accessories

Acrow props are a form of construction equipment that gives sturdy, temporary support during building work. These props are fully adjustable to a range of heights. Acrow props are available…
site fencing Site Fencing 20

Site Fencing

Temporary fencing can be used in many different applications, from construction or mine sites to outdoor events. Temporary fencing can be used in many different applications, from construction or mine…
stairwell cut.1 Aluminium Stairway 22

Aluminium Stairway

This build up system is compatible with both Steel and Aluminium Quickscaff and A Frame Scaffolds. Safety stairways eliminates the need for ladders and improves efficiency and safety. This build…

Our Point of Difference

Our goal is to provide the support structures that our clients need, no matter where they are in Australia or the Pacific Rim. In addition to this, we provide a comprehensive range of products, which means that everything arrives in one delivery, even to the most remote areas.

Easy to deliver & install

While the options for finding scaffolding in the city may be numerous, sourcing something affordable to invest in is not always easy. If you live in a remote area, this can be next to impossible.

This is where our comprehensive solution to scaffolding comes in, providing a diverse product range of support structures that are easy to deliver, install and come with all of the additional materials you might need on a construction or repair project.

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Global Scaffold in Adelaide

Global Scaffold is a leading provider of comprehensive scaffold solutions for various industries. With our extensive range of services and high-quality products, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our clients while ensuring safety and efficiency in every project. We provide an array of scaffold services and products which include:

  • Scaffold Rental and Installation
  • Scaffold Design and Engineering
  • Scaffold Inspection and Maintenance
  • Scaffold Accessories
  • Specialised Scaffolding Solutions
  • Scaffold Training and Certification
  • Scaffold Sales and Distribution

Scaffold Rental and Installation

We offer scaffold rental services, providing a cost-effective solution for your temporary access requirements. Our team of experts ensures prompt delivery and efficient installation of the scaffolding, tailored to meet the specific needs of your project.

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Scaffold Design and Engineering

At Global Scaffold, we have a dedicated team of experienced engineers who specialise in scaffold design. We utilise advanced software and tools to create detailed plans that meet industry standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring safety and stability.

Scaffold Inspection and Maintenance

Safety is our highest priority. We provide comprehensive scaffold inspection services to identify potential hazards or structural issues. Our team conducts regular inspections and maintenance checks to ensure that your scaffolding remains in excellent condition throughout your project.

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Scaffold Accessories

We offer a wide range of scaffold accessories to enhance the functionality and safety of your scaffolding system. From adjustable bases and couplers to guardrails and platforms, our high-quality accessories are designed to optimise performance and provide a secure working environment.

Specialised Scaffolding Solutions

Global Scaffold specialises in providing customised scaffolding solutions for complex projects. Whether it’s a challenging architectural design, unique structure, or specific industry requirements, our team has the expertise to deliver innovative and tailored solutions.

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Scaffold Training and Certification

We offer comprehensive scaffold training programs to ensure our scaffold systems’ safe and efficient use. Our certified trainers provide hands-on training, covering topics such as assembly, dismantling, inspection, and best practices for scaffold usage.

Scaffold Sales and Distribution

In addition to our rental services, we also offer a range of scaffold products for sale. Our inventory includes various scaffolding systems, frames, planks, braces, and other essential components. We ensure all our products meet industry standards and undergo rigorous quality checks.

Choose Global Scaffold for all your scaffold needs and experience our commitment to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and find the perfect scaffold solution that meets your requirements.

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